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K Village

Does calling this a village make it one ?

"Brilliant neighbourhood planing guide from the social enterprise, Create Streets" Neil Parish MP




We've been approached by various 'patient capital' investors who would like to work with us and local communities along the lines of our principles and philosophy.


So, this a call to our followers, supporters, and all those interested in our work to suggest sites for possible development in ways alined to our principles.


Key Criteria

  • Strong community presence

  • Ideally (but not necessarily) a Neighbourhood Plan in place/ in progress, or  a need for some sort of Community Right to Build, Community Land Trust or co-housing

  • Might the landowner be interested in development that would leave a legacy, enhance their reputation and give them more money in the long term rather than maximum short term cash?

  • May be in or near a heritage or conservation area


Is there an unused site near you that could be used for much-needed housing?


Would the right kind of development there be popular with local residents?


As outlined below we have two particular types of site in mind.


You can email with any suggestions.


A direct Google Maps link would probably be the simplest way to precisely show the location.


Any further information you can give about the site would be very welcome and useful too.

Street-based Repair

Create Boulevards Intensification

  • Sites here could have the potential capacity for 30 – 400 homes (0.75 – 5 hectares.)

  • Likely to be brownfield land, but not exclusively

  • Unlikely to have planning permission

  • Likely to be in urban, older suburban or medium-large town locations where intesnity of use welcome

  • Likely to be in or close to heritage/conservation areas

  • A Create Streets development here would help plug such a site back into the urban grain, whilst providing housing that fitted in with the surrounding area.

  • Our primary focus: the South-West, the Midlands and the South-East, but not exclusively.

  • We’re also looking for examples of sites where the Create Boulevards-style approach could be appropriate, useful and popular.

  • Arterial roads are often some of the most important in any city. But too many are underdeveloped, polluted, ugly and unpleasant

  • Is there an arterial road near you lacking a sense of ‘place’ character and human life?

  • Do you know a specific plot in the city where a few more storeys could be added to an existing site? (Ideally on an arterial road but not necessarily.)