Economics of Place research project


In 2016 Create Streets kicked off our major research project, The Economics of Place. Alessandro Venerandi is leading the research. We are very grateful to U +I plc and Gascoyne Holdings for kindly funding it and to the RSA for hosting our 'call for evidence' and workshop.


Our aim is to build a better understanding of how different types of built form correlate with (long term) value. Whilst there is good evidence that denser city centres do better than lower density ones (though what way does the causality flow?), we are only aware of very limited specific research into the economic impact of differential urban forms. We plan to explore this important issue further to inform, we hope impactfully, the UK housing debate.


You can read more about the project on the RSA blog. We ran a Round table discusion on this on 15 March 2016. Please do send through any ideas to the project lead, Alessandro Venerandi.


We will be publishing during 2017.



Funders: U+I Gascoyne Holdings


Role: Research

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