Housing Targets Are Not Enough

Ann Carlton, Former Labour housing and local government adviser in the 1960s, recalls the aims, methods and motivations of house-building in the 1960s and 70s and worries that we are making the same mistakes in similar ways for the same reasons.


Architectural History: Practical and purposeful

Jeremy Musson argues that we need to study architectural history as a practical process not just as the history of an art form


High-Rise Buildings: Energy and Density

Professor Philip Steadman discovers whether high-rise buildings are more energy-intensive than low-rise buildings. (July 2017)


My Kind of Town: Washington DC

Francis Terry explores the architecture and urbanism of America's capital city. (March 2017)


Missing Teeth

Ruaidhri Tulloch asks why it is easier to build small sites in France than in England (February 2017)


Eleven Pipers piping....

Kieran Toms and Nicholas Boys Smith fête major advances for the cause of community-led co-design in today’s Housing White Paper reflecting Create Streets’ research, publications and policy suggestions (February 2017)


It isn’t right to regenerate down. So what next for the Sutton Estate?

Flora Sutton revisits the Sutton Estate in the wake of the council’s decision to reject Affinity Sutton’s proposals to reduce the amount of housing and affordable housing on the site. (December 2016)


Is Neighbourhood Planning flourishing or withering? And how can communities do it better?

Nicholas Boys Smith asks if Neighbourhood Planning is working, and what could make it better.


Atlanta: leaving a history of racial division and suburban sprawl behind?

Angus McNeill Peel explores Atlanta's troubled relationship with sprawl and how urban renewal offers hope for the future. (October 2016)


Future high streets manisfesto

John Parmiter explains how high streets can deliver top government  domestic policy prorities. (September 2016)


The Story of the Packington Estate

Flora Neville looks at the history of the Packington Estate, and the consultation, compromises and benefits to residents that have characterised its most recent regeneration. (August 2016)


Green wedges - are there alternatives to greenbelts?

Mingfei Ma asks if there is a half-way house between greenbelts and no greenbelts, - could green wedges provide the solution to the great greenbelt debate? (July 2016)


Custom build cohousing; by people, for people

Neil Murphy, member of the Create Streets network and Director of TOWN, makes the argument for increased co-housing, which leads to increased sense of belonging, neighbourliness and mutual support. (May 2016)


The Mayor is dead. Long live the Mayor

Nicholas Boys Smith examines why and how the new Mayor of London has the mandate and, potentially, the policy platform to change fundamentally the politics of London house-building (May 2016)


Suddenly The Evening Standard is talking beauty and streets…

Nicholas Boys Smith welcomes the prominent role that our work has played in The Evening Standard's final coverage of the mayoral campaign (May 2016)



Create Boulevards for London

Kieran Toms and Nicholas Boys Smith argue in this discussion paper for a community-led programme for the populist beautification and intensification of London’s arterial roads (April 2016)  



In praise of freehold

Member of Create Streets network, George Trefgarne, makes a personal case about the problems of tenures in large blocks (March 2016)



How rules in London are biased against infill street-based developments

Based on his professional experience, the architect Patrick Inglis explains his concerns about how planning rules, building regulations and local plans are stopping small scale infill developments (January 2016)



Could London Benefit from DIY Urban Planning? Helsinki has. Here’s how

Timo Hämäläinen, a Helsinki-resident urban development consultant, planning activist and author of explores the lessons for London from his DIY Urban Planning project in Helsinki. (November 2015)



Why ResPublica supports the Direct Planning Bill

by Duncan Sim (November 2015)



Briefing on The Direct Planning (Pilot) Bill

The Bill has its second reading in the UK House of Lords on 20 November 2015. Nicholas Boys Smith sets out the thinking behind the Bill - let’s change the question from ‘how do we build more homes?’ to ‘how do we make new homes more popular?’ (November 2015)



High-Rise Buildings: Energy and Density Professor Philip Steadman of UCL sets out some of the existing evidence on density and energy usage for high-rise buildings. Published on the centenary of the completion of the Equitable Life Assurance Building (November 2015)


High Value Housing The possible impact the Housing & Planning Bill might have on estate regeneration explained by John Moss (October 2015)


Adaptable Streets London must be adaptable street by street, block by block and not become a museum of masterplans argues James Fischelis (October 2015)


Creating Streets in Lambeth Flora Neville gives a cautious welcome to the ongoing regeneration at Myatt's Field North (August 2015)


Notes on London Planned Squares by Mario Gallarati. We are republishing this essay on London squares first published in 2014 (June 2015)


Direct Planning (Draft) Bill - let's change the question

Nicholas Boys Smith explains the thinking behind this legislation to be introduced on 3 June 2015 (May 2015)


Just like The Empire Strikes Back, Superdensity the Sequel is far better than the original by Nicholas Boys Smith (May 2015)


Is it right to regenerate down? by Flora Neville (May 2015). An investigation into the controversial plans for the Sutton Estate


Building better places by James Wildblood (April 2015)


London deserves better by Paul Murrain (April 2015). A powerful, personal plea for better buildings and place-making in London


We've been focused on the wrong things By Nicholas Boys Smith (March 2015). Our response to the Government's Starter Homes annoucement


Create Streets Lite By Gluckman Smith (January 2015). An example of one possible street infill scheme


Alice in Wonderland By James Wildblood (January 2015). In 2014 we interviewed Professor Alice Coleman whose controversial 1985 study, Utopia on Trial,  helped change housing policy in the 1980s


Penguin City: What do penguins have to teach modern London? By James Fischelis (November 2014)

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