Forthcoming research

We are currently seeking support for various  research projects. If any of these are of interest please don't hesitate to get in touch !


Our programme includes:


Why is Paris Paris? A research note on planning rules in Paris and their consequences - together with a comparison of strengths and weaknesses comapred to London. By Ruaidhri Tulloch


Valuing different typologies and their lifetime costs. What is the build cost, lifetime cost and likely 10, 20 and 40 year valuations of different configurations of terraced housing and multi-storey housing on the same sized plot ? Thanks to support Nigel Franklin and John Spence from calford seaden’s architectural and quantity surveying teams and based on a real-life plan we are working up a generic example which can illustrate the life-time economic and density trade off between dense terraced streets and multi-storey housing.


What people really want. All the existing evidence shows clearly that large majorities of people would consistently prefer to live for most of their lives in fairly modest structures near the ground. We plan to commission polling to take this evidence to the next level by working with a polling company to investigate detailed statistical preferences on typologies, design, level of open space and force ‘trade-offs’ between different and competing goods (for example; access to more public space versus a very small private garden).


What politicians think. Similarly, there is no collated evidence on what political classes think about optimum built form and what changes would actually be desirable to the planning, building and housing regulations.


Security or Streets? Working with Anna Minton we intend to investigate impact Secured by Design Rules have on the built environment.


The London Square recovered Working with Create Streets member and architect Mario Gallarati we are planning a book which would provide designers, planners, architects and developers in London and beyond with a practical guide to the historic squares of London. This would leave them not just better informed but also better equipped to emulate, re-interpret and respond to one of London’s best loved and most-quintessential features. Read more about this project here.

"I admire Create Streets"

Tim Montgomerie, The Times