Create Streets Foundation

The Create Streets Foundation is a Charitably Incorporated Organisation (CIO).


It is separate from the wider Create Streets campaign.


Our aims "are to advance the education of the public in subjects related to the built environment, successful development and the associations between urban form and mental health, physical health, community cohesion and pro-social behaviour by

  • providing training to community groups (above all in economically and socially disadvantaged areas) in the context of neighbourhood planning and urban design activities; and

  • promoting study and research in such subjects and disseminating the useful results of such study to the public at large."


You can learn about the trustees of the Create Streets Foundation here.


If you would like to find out more about our work or if you think we might be able to support your community or neighbourhood then please do get in touch at:

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“This is a great example of how big developments should work – working with local communities to design real neighbourhoods that work for the existing community.” Sadiq Khan Mayor of London