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Create Streets is a professional consultancy service supporting the development of high density urban housing which is both commercially viable and popular with local people. Our focus is on creating street-based developments which combine high density with attractive mid and low-rise design, offering resident satisfaction, good social outcomes and long term value appreciation.


We work with a strong and wide team of experts across planning, development, architecture and finance with a proven capacity to design award-winning streets and realise highly profitable developments which command popular support.


We offer a unique StreetScore tool which uses the latest economic and environmental research to score a development on likely correlations with resident satisfaction, good social outcomes and long term value.


For local authorities / RSLs we provide:

  • Co-design with local community

  • Surveys of local views on urban design and architecture

  • Urban design & architecture

  • Design codes

  • Policy barriers analysis

  • Urban design strategy / 'critical friend' role

  • Local community capacity-building


For communities we provide:

  • Urban design & architecture

  • Urban design workshops

  • Surveys of local views on urban design and architecture

  • Project management & policy drafting

  • Design codes

  • (Neighbourhood plans & Community Right to Build)


For landowners / developers we provide:

  • Co-design with local community

  • Surveys of local views on urban design and architecture

  • Urban design & architecture

  • Design codes

  • Urban design strategy / 'critical friend' role


A five step process

Clearly, every situation is different but when we are supporting a long term landowner or council we typically start with a five step process in considering how to drive popular house-building and place-making at scale.


First, a review workshop. What are strengths and weaknesses of the local plan and what is the level of public support for new development ?


Second, surveys of local opinion. We use surveys of visual preference to gauge local option on built form, typology, style and massing.


Third, characterisation study and design code. Ideally, working with the local community define rapidly what characterises the local area and then (in the light of this but not necessarily strictly following it) use a design code to help define future development visually and efficiently


Fourth, review the rules and set the briefs. Review how your local plan rules and development control processes support or contradict your aspirations and set briefs for architects / developers / co-investors or partners which navigate what you want to do and what you can do


Fifth, medium to high-density street based master-planning. Creating finely grained, organic, streets of terraced houses and medium rise flats which have a strong sense of place



Conventional streets are popular and offer high densities. Long term economic returns to landowners (occupiers, private landlords or Registered Social Landlords) are excellent. We developed this terrace with GluckmanSmith as part of an urban plan in South London

"You can't get more local than that"

Mira Bar Hillel, The Independent


Alternative master-planning and urban design for the Olympic Park site by Paul Murrain

Recent projects include


  • Helping a London council define their approach to estate-regeneration

  • Running a community right to build project for a local community

  • Completing six street-based regenerations of a range of housing estates in London as part of major report

  • Preparing a master-plan for part of the Olympic Park ite

  • Calculating long term cash-flows for two possible higher density, street-based regenerations of an estate in suburban London;

  • Acting as a design consultant on a street-based competitive bid for a major developer; and

  • Analysing evidence from over 20 actual community consultations on ‘what people want’ in the built environment.






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