Findings of our MORI poll on brownfield building  (June 2015)


Key findings included:

  • Design matters in people’s support for building on brownfield land. More than three times as many respondents are prepared to support building new homes on brownfield land near where they live for the most popular type of housing compared to the least popular type (75% vs 23%)

  • Unpopular types can sharply decrease support for building new homes – reducing this by 64% - while popular ones can increase support for building new homes – by as much as 17%

  • The most popular housing would appear to be the most conventional in form, style and building materials


Read more on MORI website here.


Findings of our second Pop-up poll (July 2015)


  • Most of us want to live at human size. A very strong majority (86%) want to see low or medium rise buildings built in their neighbourhoods.

  • People are prepared to support the construction of high-density medium-rise forms. The most popular option had six or seven storeys. This matters because high-density street-based designs can achieve very high densities and high value within a conventional urban format.



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