What we do



We are a RESEARCH INSTITUTE. We conduct and collate high quality research into what people actually want and what therefore drives long term value generation


We ARGUE FOR CHANGE. We argue for specific changes to policy to make it easier to build the homes and streets that people actually want. We want homes for people not stakeholders.


We ADVISE. We are making our research available to landowners, developers, councils and Registered Social Landlords. We use our StreetScore tool to help investors, developers, councils and RSLs understand the correlations between what they own or build and happy, mixed communities for the long term.


We help DEVELOP. We are starting to identify actual sites for potential building and redevelopment and working with communities, housing associations and landowners and developers with the right long term values to help facilitate street-based development.


We ENGAGE. We encourage and help local communities to take control of their own neighbourhoods via neighbourhood plans and the communal preparation of specific schemes via schemes such as Community Right to Build.


We are non-partisan. Most of our members are not party political though we have members from all three main parties.

We wish to create streets which are:


Capable of matching high rise densities

Realistic, long term commercially viable

Environmentally friendly

Aesthetically beautiful and local

Tailored to what people actually want

Encouraging of mixed communities


our principles...


"I support Create Streets"

Nick Boles MP, former Minister for Planning

Create Streets is a non-partisan social enterprise and independent research institute focusing on the built environment.


We encourage the creation of more and better urban homes with terraced streets of houses and apartments rather than complex multi-storey buildings.


We support reform of the planning system to make it more effectively responsive to what people like in the built environment and campaign for community-led building and locally-supported estate regeneration to deliver homes that are popular and stand the test of time.

Create Streets is a Ltd Company


We are also setting up a charitable Foundation to conduct some of our research and community engagement work.