Create Streets

A campaign for community-led regeneration and infill to create more homes and better places whilst protecting existing social housing

We encourage the creation of more and better urban homes with terraced streets of houses and apartments rather than complex multi-storey buildings. We support reform of the planning system to make it more effectively responsive to what people like in the built environment and campaign for community-led building and locally-supported estate regeneration to deliver homes that are popular and stand the test of time. We wish to create streets which are:

  • Capable of matching high rise densities
  • Realistic, long term commercially viable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Tailored to what people actually want
  • Encouraging of mixed communities

Our goal is to make it easier to build high density, beautiful, street-based economically successful developments, that have strong local support and which residents will love for generations.

Over the next fifteen years we are determined dramatically to improve the UK planning system so that it better delivers what people like and therefore helps deliver more new homes.  

To achieve this:

  • We conduct ground-breaking research into associations between different types of building and popularity, wellbeing, long term economic value and density;
  • We lobby for policy change; and
  • We help public bodies, communities, developers and landowners put our research findings into practical application