Building up gently with consent?


Kieran Toms, reflects on yesterday’s announcements on planning reform. Yesterday it was that time again – the red briefcase was dusted off and the budget was revealed. As well as the big headline announcements, the Budget review on Planning Reform  also emerged from the Budget Box. Here at Create Streets we were very pleased to see that some […]

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Building Beauty


Beauty remains a problem for many in design, something that is very difficult to talk about. We have heard esteemed colleagues saying they would not pronounce publicly the word “beauty” because that would damage their reputations as academics and scientists. The same could be said of the word “feeling”. Engaging with these basic, fundamental human […]

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Corbyn’s comments on estate regeneration are welcome – but he could go further

Estate Regeneration

In his speech to the Labour Party Conference, Jeremy Corbyn spoke about the regeneration process, and we at Create Streets very much welcome his comments and approach. “Regeneration”, said Corbyn, was too often “forced gentrification and social cleansing, as private developers move in and tenants and leaseholders are moved out”. This tallies with many examples we […]

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