Create Streets latest report, Beyond Location, is published (1 Oct ’17)

Beyond Location is a study into what we mean by the economics or value of a place. It uses a ground-breaking ‘big-data’ analysis of British cities to show how the value of a place is influenced by a wider range of factors than economists and planners have typically realised. These factors vary but are predictable. In contrast to most conventional economic models or urbanists’ assumptions, beauty, a sense of locational memory and the urban quality of a place matters sometimes as much and sometimes more than connectivity, space and proximity to a place of work. Our own, we believe uniquely wide ranging, analysis of 160,000 data points for six British cities shows that, when you ‘pan the camera out’, some elements of the urban environment (above all the presence of greenery) are not as simplistically positive as is normally assumed. We argue that improving our empirical understanding of place value will help designers and developers, policy-makers and the wider public support the creation of better places in which more people lead healthier and happier lives

You can download a summary here.

Or you can the full report from our home page.

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