Create Streets sign joint letter in favour of improved viability rules (10 Nov ’17)

Create Streets were joint signatories to a letter to Secretary of State Sajid Javid asking for more transparent viability rules.  Along with, the Royal Institute of British Architects, Local Government Association, Town and Country Planning Association, and the Campaign to Protect Rural England, the letter “welcomed” proposals in the ‘planning for the right homes in the right places’ document, which will look to “increase the transparency of the process of determining the viability of a proposed development.”

However the letter also expressed concern that “the present system for assessing the viability of a site for development is weighted in favour of the applicant, leading to high land prices being paid at the expense of infrastructure, affordable housing and design quality.”

“This creates uncertainty for all parties, and can undermine public confidence in the planning system.”

The letter went on to make suggestions:

“Whilst we consider that the proposals in the consultation could go some way towards simplifying the current process for viability assessment, we consider there is scope to go further.

“In particular, we would urge the government to explicitly state that all information submitted as part of, and in support of a viability assessment process, should be made public.”

The letter was covered in 24housing