Survey: What’s right and wrong with current system in the UK? (July 10th)

The discussion about ‘what to do’ about the housing shortfall often plays out in a rather unsatisfying debate between the ‘it’s all planning’ versus the ‘it’s all developers’ schools of thought. To try to move beyond that we’ve recently kicked off a new project, Planning 3.0. This is asking ‘how can we improve the planning system to deliver more homes with popular consent?’ ‘What should planning look like in 2030?’ This aims neither to ‘rip it all up’ but neither to ‘turn back the clock’ to 1947.

If you’re reading this you’re probably interested in the British planning, development and design systems. Please can you spare us five minutes of your time to fill in our quick survey? We’d be so grateful and you might even win a free book….

We have one survey is for professionals (e.g. if you work for a local authority or developer, in architecture or in any other profession where you deal with the planning process). That survey is here

If you don’t work in one of the design or development professions but are an interested member of the public, please click here