Terraced Friendship – briefing paper (November 15th)

Today Create Streets is publishing our new briefing paper, Terraced Friendship – Living with lockdown by Lauren Lawson, Hugo Owen and Nicholas Boys Smith.

As the nation faces a second lockdown, Create Streets looks back to the events earlier this year to understand what consequences the lockdown had on our relationships with those around us and whether the make-up of our built environments played any role.

Between 23rd of May and 25th June 2020 Create Streets undertook an indicative survey via social media of 438 people into the relationship between where they live and how connected they felt to their neighbours, both before and after lockdown.

We found that:

  • We came together during lockdown;
  • Access to greenery is strongly associated with greater neighbourliness;
  • Good fences make good neighbours;
  • Cars appear to stifle neighbourliness; and
  • Denser environments do not always guarantee tighter communities.

The new few months and years are likely to be a period of flux in the sphere of planning, house-building and highways design with the new Manual for Streets, the new National Model Design Code and the implementation of the planning white paper, Planning for the Future. We conclude that if we want to maximise public health and connectedness, highways policy and design codes should:

  • Create gardens;
  • Create terraced streets;
  • Create quiet streets; and
  • Support walking and cycling.

You can read the whole report here.