Where will Thomas and Rebecca live – briefing paper (August 3rd)

Today Create Streets is publishing our new briefing paper, Where will Thomas and Rebecca live? by Nicholas Boys Smith and David Milner.

Thomas and Rebecca were the most common baby’s names in 1994. Thomas and Rebecca, now 26, face a very low chance of owning their own home near to a job they aspire to do – or even of renting one at a price that leaves them with a reasonable disposable income. Opportunity is generationally decreasing. This is unacceptable.

This note asks: how do we build more homes in the right places? How do we create communities which will encourage residents’ health and wellbeing? How do we do so with widespread political consent? How do we ensure enough homes in the right places, and improving living standards for those spending too much on privately rented homes and unable to buy their own homes?

You can read the whole paper here.