Create Boulevards

A community-led programme for the populist beautification and intensification of London’s arterial roads

"Brilliant neighbourhood planing guide from the social enterprise, Create Streets" Neil Parish MP

We’re also looking for examples of sites where the Create Boulevards approach could be appropriate, useful and popular


  • Is there an arterial road near you lacking a sense of ‘place’ character and human life?

  • Might you and your neighbours be interested in doing something about it?

  • Do you know a specific plot in the city where a few more storeys could be added to an existing site?

  • This would ideally be on an arterial road but not necessarily. Can you send a photo & location? A direct Google Maps link is probably the simplest way to to show precisely the location.


We’d love to hear your suggestions. We’ll share them on here and also on our Twitter account.



London’s arterial roads are some of the most important in the city. But too many are underdeveloped, polluted, ugly and unpleasant. None strategically make any use of express busses or light rail to improve transport into the city centre. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Intensely used avenues or boulevards can be beautiful and busy. It’s time to be more ambitious. It’s time for a change.


In the Create Boulevards discussion paper, available here we are proposing a partially community-led programme for the populist beautification and intensification of London’s arterial roads with a range of beautiful, popular medium-rise developments with pre-set designs agreed by local communities to permit faster higher development of more homes.


We are proposing more trees (where there is space) and an enhanced system of express busses and (whisper it) trams to cut journey times, reduce pollution and return London’s historic arterial roads to their true breadth of purpose and potential for beauty. If we want them to be, many of London’s arterial roads could be just as beautiful and busy as those of Paris though (probably) in a more cluttered and idiosyncratic London way!


You can read more about the project in this article by Kieran Toms on City Metric here


We want to crowd-source your expertise and ideas to turn Create Boulevards into a fully worked up manifesto for action. Please send us any ideas, concerns, relevant information. Thank you.

Please email your suggestions to

boulevard 1


holloway2 lambeth

Location: Holloway Road, Islington

Suggested by @Mr_Bricolage & @SusanLowenthal

Location: Clapham Road, Lambeth

Suggested by @KeaneMJ

Rye Lane

Location: Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15.

Suggested by @TamsieThomson

rushey Green

Location: Rushey Green, Catford, SE6.

Suggested by @Myles_Bartoli

Looking East 2 cropped

Location: Euston Road, NW1.

Suggested by @richmondie

Francis Euston Steed Kingsway

Create Boulevards Weekend


  • The Create Boulevards weekend will be in June 2017. Organised with, and as part of, the London Festival of Architecture, it is a weekend to show off the potential of London’s arterial roads to become beautified, lived-in and loved places.

  • The weekend is designed to demonstrate the potential of the idea, on London roads that would be great candidates for boulevardisation.

  • The scheme has already garnered considerable support. Amongst the organisations who have committed to being involved in the weekend are HTA Design, JTP Architects, Urban Engineering Studio, Francis Terry & Associates and Alexandra Steed Urban.

  • We presented about this weekend at the London Conference on November 16. The presentation can be downloaded here

Euston Boulevard by Francis Terry & Associates

Kingsway Boulevard by Alexandra Steed Urban

Albert Embankment Camberwell New Road talgarth road Theobolds Road shaftesbury Avenue

Location: Shaftesbury Avenue, W1.

Suggested by @andrewnaughtie

Location: Talgarth Road, W6

Suggested by @Strawbugs

wellesley road

Location: Albert Embankment, SE1.

Suggested by @KeaneMJ

Location: Camberwell New Road, SW9 Suggested by @Graham88464926

Location: Wellesley Road, CR0.

Suggested by @angus_fx

Woolwich Road

Location: Woolwich Road SE7 Suggested by @ymtluck

Location: Theobold's Road, WC1.

Suggested by @camdencyclists

Location: Victoria Road, NW10.

Suggested by @ForumOon

Victoria Road Urban Engineering Studio Steed Urban Francis Terry JTP HTA LFA Space Syntax

As part of the Create Boulevards programme, Create Streets has arranged for communities and architects across London to team up for mini-charrettes where they will together create their vision for boulevards in their local area.


Each event will be an opportunity for the local community to share their knowledge and understanding of their area with expert architects. Together they will draw up a vision for these roads, and how they could, and should, look and feel.


The outputs of these workshops will be exhibited in June as part of the London Festival of Architecture.


The full details of the mini-charrettes are below:


Sunday April 30th, 3pm -5pm

  • Grove Park, Lewisham.

  • With HTA Design

  • Location: Main Hall of The Ringway Centre, 268 Baring Rd, Grove Park, London SE12 0DS


Tuesday May 2nd, 6.30-9pm


Saturday May 20th,