Job Titles: Urban Designer | Street Designer | Project Manager | Architect | Planning professional

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Location: London

We are looking for outstanding candidates, across all experience levels, to join Create Streets’ for a number of roles. We are seeking highly-ambitious individuals looking to gain experience in and contribute to the housing and place-making debate in Britain and internationally and implement good placemaking across a number of on-the-ground projects.

The range of our work is unique from agenda-setting on the national debate about planning and place-making, through high level strategic advice to landowners, developpers and local authorities through to detailed master-planning and design. If you are looking for a career-accelerator with moral purpose and if you care deeply about the beauty and sustainability of the places we create as a society, then we may be right for you.

If successful, you would work with the Create Streets’ team to shape the future of our cities and towns, new and old.

About us:

Creates Streets is a social enterprise that encourages the creation of more urban homes in conventional, terraced streets rather than complex multi-storey buildings or drive-to cul-de-sacs. We help communities, councils, landowners and developers create places well aligned to the evidence on what is popular, healthy, beautiful and sustainable. We do this through research, arguing for policy change, and consulting to councils, communities and landowners. As one community organiser put it, “When I see Create Streets’ work, I see hope.” Our core argument (which is summarised in this video) is that conventional urban forms;

  • are more popular, thus reducing resistance to new development;
  • are provably better correlated with good wellbeing outcomes;
  • provide more sustainable lifestyles;
  • can easily provide the density we need to solve the housing crisis; and
  • are a better long-term investment.

Create Streets has published a number of books, major reports and many essays. These have had a major impact on opinion formers and on government, London and opposition policies, and, most specifically, on recent changes to the National Planning Policy Framework.

Our research has generated significant media coverage in the specialist press and in The Times, The Guardian, London’s Evening Standard, The Independent, Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The New York Times, The New Statesman, Private Eye, the Architects’ Journal, Building Design and coverage on BBC News and ITN News. Our patrons include Ben Page, Yolande Barnes and Alain de Botton.

The skills and experience we are looking for:

We are looking for candidates who are outstanding in some of the skills listed below. We do not expect you to tick every box.

  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Self-starter mentality
  • A focus on achieving outcomes aligned with our mission
  • Experience of community engagement in design and a love for working closely with community groups
  • Planning expertise and accreditation
  • A facility for hand-drawing streets and buildings
  • Experience of using the design CAD suite (AutoCAD, Sketchup etc…)
  • Experience of creating high quality documents (InDesign skills etc)
  • A degree at 2.1 or above
  • An interest in and awareness of the politics of housing, planning policy or the built environment
  • Project management or co-ordination on design and development projects
  • An affinity with Create Streets’ mission and values
  • Experience in urban design, vernacular architecture, street and public realm design projects

Extra points for:

  • A desire to get stuck in, learn quickly and take ownership of projects
  • A detailed understanding of planning policy, town planning and/or built environment analytics
  • Experience with QGIS, R or SPSS, SQL, InDesign

Commitment: Full time, based in London.

Please submit this along with a CV, covering letter and any portfolio of work (including drawings if possible) to:

Constance de Montigny (


Reflecting the wide range of communities, councils and landowners who wish to work with us we have a range of roles available and would encourage you to apply as soon as possible.


By submitting your application, you are providing Create Streets with your full consent to process, manage and retain your personal information for the purpose of considering you for potential employment.

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