Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Forum seeks architects and designers for phase 2 of Master Plan

After four years of intensive community engagement, the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Forum’s (MPNF) Community Right to Build Order – Britain’s largest ever – has been submitted and on 26 January 2017 finished its public consultation. The planning documents are available on Camden’s website, here.


The MPNF is a community group made up of people who live and work around the proposed development at the Royal Mail Group’s (RMG) Mount Pleasant sorting office in Clerkenwell, London. Working with Create Streets and an expert team of architects, planning consultants and surveyors, the community has over the last few years developed a master plan for the whole of the Mount Pleasant sorting office site based on local knowledge and addressing the community’s needs. These proposals were developed in response to a planning application by RMG’which was opposed by the community and both local councils (Islington and Camden) but controversially approved by then Mayor Boris Johnson following a call-in.


The community-led proposal has consistently received between 95-99% local support and received widespread backing within the built environment professions. The London mayor, Sadiq Khan, has said; “This is a great example of how big developments should work – working with local communities to design real neighbourhoods that work for the existing community.”


The current Community Right to Build Order covers only part of the overall Mount Pleasant site. The next stage is to work up more detailed plans for the rest of the site.


We are therefore looking for architects to submit designs for some of the blocks facing onto Gough Street in the next phase of our master plan with the intention that these designs will form part of the scheme that the community brings forward for the rest of the site.


The Deadline is 6pm on Friday May 26th

Please email

Context :


The work has been made possible through the professional expertise and assistance of Calfordseaden, Francis Terry & Associates, Urban Engineering Studio, Maddox Associates and Alexandra Steed Urban. Based on community meetings and workshops, the major reasons behind the popularity of the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Forum’s proposals include:

  • A stronger sense of place than the RMG proposals;

  • A liking for the open spaces and permeable plan, which contrasts with the ‘fortress-like’ RMG scheme;

  • A preference for the more conventional design approach

  • A preference for the sympathetic architectural form


Edward Dension of the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Forum has commented:

‘The Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Forum has always championed the widest possible public and professional engagement in the future of this important site. We are therefore delighted to now be in a position to concentrate on the second phase of our scheme and welcome submissions from across the architectural profession that imaginatively interpret the site’s context, creatively challenge the master planning principles, and value the importance of community engagement.’




Gough Street

looking North (left)

and south (right)









On Gough Street the proposals fit in with the local London character, including those of the Conservation Areas: New buildings on the east, though high in the middle of the street, will feel narrower and more eccentric and typically London than the massive blocks on the west.


Heritage and history have formed an important part of the community’s designs, and the inclusion of mews reflects the local area’s architectural and industrial heritage:  the off-road pedestrian route that runs through the centre of the block, parallel to Phoenix Place and Gough Street, is imagined as having the finer grain of a London mews, rather than a civic axis.


You can take a look at the Design Statement here and the Heritage statement here.

“A great example of how big developments should work – working with local communities to design real neighbourhoods that work for the existing community”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan

What are we looking for?

We are looking for designs that fit into our parameters outlined below.


Proposals should be sensitive to the surrounding area and streetscape, as well as the designs for the community’s current Community Right to Build Order, detailed below.


The community’s approach to this development has always been to promote debate, openness and collaboration. In the same spirit, this open competition is designed to encourage deeper engagement, cooperation and collaboration among built environment professionals to help the community create a new and truly inspirational piece of London that serves the needs of all Londoners.



Map View for Site Gough Street Looking South Gough Street looking North