Boris Johnson on density & planning rules, London Assembly, 17 September 2014

Mount Pleasant: Seize or squander?

(with thanks to Mount Pleasant Association)

Boris Johnson on density and streets, London Assembly, 23 July 2014

Making cities liveable, Cities 2030 Conference, 3 June 2014 (from 17 mins, 30 secs)

LSE / Centre for London Towers debate

2 June 2014 (from 27 mins 30 secs)

Mount Pleasant Association's deputation to Boris Johnson,

3 October 2014

"Rather brilliant"

Sanya Sheikh, Central Acton Neighbours' Forum


Our  Disposable Architecture, Jenny Bevan, TEx Charleston

26 May 2015

London Needs the Right Housing - Not Just More Housing

Legatum Institute - hosted by Evan Davis, 4 June 2015

Nicholas Boys Smith giving evidence to Barnet Labour's Housing Commission

10 July 2015 (with thanks to Barnet Bugle)

The Ruin of London, by Alain de Botton

13 July 2015

Housing - What can we do about it ? With Syed Kamall MEP

7 August 2015

The Goodsyard debate - Helping Boris see the light

Shoreditch Church - 23 November 2015

Homes not houses - Putting Wellbeing first

This event took place as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2016

Legatum Institute - 9 June  2016


The changing London skyline

Raconteur - August 2016

NBS Newsnight

Interview with Create Streets Director, Nicholas Boys Smith

BBC Newsnight 21 Feb 2017

Future of Planning: PlanTech Week – Can we Measure the Quality of Place?

Future Cities Catapult  13 June 2017