Arts Taunton

Create Streets have been working in Taunton, Somerset, for Arts Taunton. We ran a workshop with over 50 participants, of whom 8 were either councillors or officers of Taunton Deane Borough Council (including the Leader, Deputy Leader and senior officers responsible for the Garden Town project). The ultimate question we were asking was:

How does Taunton take advantage of the once in a 100 year opportunity offered by the redevelopment of major sites within the town centre to create a place that is beautiful, popular and which residents and neighbours will love for generations?

We also prepared indicative design briefs for two town centre sites for Arts Taunton.



Arts Taunton


Workshop organiser and facilitator, design


"The Seminar was an undoubted success...a terrific piece of work" Kit Chapman, Founder / Director, Arts Taunton