Beauty in My Back Yard

Create Streets is delighted to be a partner organisation to the BIMBY toolkit (Beauty-in-my-back-yard) alongside the National Trust, the Local Government Association and Civic Voice.

BIMBY is a series of workshops to help communities engage positively with the planning process and influence the quality of new development in their area. It has been developed by the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community.

This in turn can feed into, influence or be part of Local Plans, Neighbourhood Plans, Neighbourhood Development Orders or individual planning applications.

Create Streets can run the workshops with your community. The core aim is to give both certainty to house builders, who can be sure of their housing’s popularity, whilst also granting security to the community and local authority that new building projects will tie in with local preferences and needs.

Using the BIMBY Toolkit, communities can  directly influence the quality and beauty of new housing by developing a BIMBY Housing Manual for their area.

The BIMBY guide is an important step in the Direct Planning Revolution to better align what is built with what people want and like in the built environment.