Create Streets have been working in Salisbury, Wiltshire, for Salisbury City Council. We ran a Neighbourhood Planning workshop at the Guildhall in Salisbury Market Square.

The meeting was well-attended, with over 100 residents present, as well as a number of councillors, including City Council Leader Matthew Dean, who told the Salisbury Journal that he was "absolutely delighted” with the level of interest shown by the Salisbury public.

The aim was to kick start discussion and understanding of the Neighbourhood Planning process and to begin to think about the contents of Salisbury's own Neighbourhood Plan.

The key topics and discussions included the desired aims of the Salisbury Neighbourhood Plan, the places within Salisbury people like, dislike, and want to see improved; as well as specific questions about the future of Salisbury


Sailsbury City Council


Workshop organiser and facilitator.


"Thank you very much indeed for leading such a successful launch of Salisbury’s City Council Neighbourhood Plan project earlier this week. I have received a lot of feedback from residents and officers who were uniformly very impressed at your presentation... Thanks once again on behalf of the City Council for such a useful presentation and the successful launch of our plan making project." Matthew Dean, Leader, Salisbury City Council