Place Champions in Northumberland Park

Create Streets worked with residents in Tottenham, Haringey, who became ‘Place Champions.’ This community capacity building project involved training local residents to understand more about regeneration and urban design.

In this project, we worked with local residents who wanted to take an active interest in the physical future of Northumberland Park Estate in Tottenham. The project consisted of teaching sessions, walking tours of regenerated estates to investigate good and bad practice and planning exercises.

Upon completion of the project, Place Champions had gained a good understanding of the basics of urban design, and what various terms and processes mean. The Place Champions were in a better position to  understand what future proposals might mean for Northumberland Park and to work to influence that. Due to the success of the scheme Create Streets were re-commissioned to run it with two new cohorts 


Haringey Council


"Thanks for the planning and preparation for yesterday. It was a good experience with knowledgeable benefits."

“A really good day. Thoroughly enjoyable and educational.”

“I felt quite privileged at having such expertise made available to our group. It really was a well planned training course for free! And we were looked after so well!”


Prince’s Foundation


Community Capacity Building