Create Streets is a social enterprise and independent research institute focusing on the built environment.


We encourage the creation of more urban homes with terraced streets of houses and apartments rather than complex multi-storey buildings.


Our main (though not exclusive) focus is London. We are campaigning for a London-wide programme of building and estate regeneration which could deliver the homes London needs while building homes that are popular and stand the test of time.

Our report

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Published in conjunction with Policy Exchange

Back the campaign

The Government has recently consulted on housing standards. You can see the consultation here and our response here. We submitted this on 22nd October 2013.


Our key points are that:


Neighbourhoods should have the right to decide which standards they apply


Standards should not be set so as to prevent normal terraced streets


Please contact us if you would like to support our submission.

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Create streets

Not just multi-storey estates


by Nicholas Boys Smith & Alex Morton

We are delighted that the Government has today (23 April) followed our call to examine how conventional streetscapes can replace complex & high rise estates. Excellent news and a third major policy win for Create Streets after UK Budget created a £150m fund to kick start estate regeneration

Well done Mr Pickles

Secretary of State calls for "traditional streetscapes" to replace "old estates"