Create Streets is a design practice, town-builder and think tank. We lead research, master-planning, design coding and community co-design to help develop and steward beautiful and popular ‘gentle density’ places which residents and neighbours can love for generations. For people, prosperity and planet.






“A very interesting organisation”

Rory Stewart OBE

“You can be sure that if Labour gets in, we’ll be working alongside Create Streets and others to make vision to reality”

Stephen Morgan MP, Shadow Minister for Rail

“The leadership shown by Nicholas Boys Smith and Create Streets … on this agenda has been invaluable.”

Rt Hon Michael Gove MP

“Create Streets have been fantastic to work with in producing our new standards for street design that puts people and place at its heart”

Cllr Matt Furniss, Surrey County Council

“Nicholas is the UK’s leading figure in urban living and the beauty of cities.”

Carlos Moreno on our founder, Nicholas Boys Smith

“It was excellent to hear Rachel Maclean MP in Parliament highlighting Wychavon and the work that we are doing alongside Create Streets to pioneer high quality urban design at the core of local development”

Leader of Wychavon District Council

“I believe your work touches on a vital intersection between (true) sustainability, urban form and beauty and I have benefitted greatly from research you have published.”

A graduate engineer


Estates Gazette

“Create Streets are important in the fight for great placemaking”

Head of Housing and Planning Policy, National Housing Federation

“When I see Create Streets’ work I see hope”

Community Housing Project Manager


Mark Easton - Home Editor, BBC News

“Thank you Create Streets for inspiring my work to bring about better design. More to come.”

Robert Jenrick MP, former Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government

“We absolutely loved your presentation. it was superb and masterfully illustrated, discussed and brilliantly presented!”

Buckingham University Summer School

“A strong advocate for beauty and design quality to boost support for new homes”

Hastoe Housing

“I applaud the fantastic work of Create Streets.”

The late James Brokenshire, MP, former Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government

“Organisations like Create Streets do fantastic work”

Phillip Blond, ResPublica

“People want streets.”

Kit Malthouse MP, former Housing Minister

“Great in depth work”

Rose Grayston, Head of Policy, Shelter

“Very influential”

Peter Murray, Chairman of New London Architecture

“Everything from Create Streets is interesting.”

Peter Franklin, Unherd

“You can’t get more local than that”

Mira Bar Hillel, The Independent

“Create Streets set the benchmark for great community involvement – please keep us informed”

Friends of Wimbledon Town Centre

“Fully support work of Create Streets”

Rt Hon David Lammy MP

“A brilliant guide for communities by Create Streets to getting better homes and streets in their neighbourhoods”

Local Planning Officer

“Create Streets speaks London’s language”

Sir Simon Jenkins, former chair of The National Trust

“Rather brilliant”

Sanya Sheikh, Central Acton Neighbours' Forum

“The influential pressure group, Create Streets

Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

Lower-rise and resident-driven are good principles” 

Dave Hill, The Guardian

“I admire Create Streets”

Tim Montgomerie, The Times

“All housing architects who take their work seriously should read it”

Rory Bergin, HTA Design

“I very much enjoyed reading your revolutionary pamphlet”

An Architect

“A magnificent organisation”

Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park

“Create Streets is a vital think tank and social enterprise

Harry Phibbs, Conservative Home

“Another excellent report from Create Streets”

Andrew Boff, AM

“This is a great example of how big developments should work – working with local communities to design real neighbourhoods that work for the existing community.”

Sadiq Khan Mayor of London

What you are doing is totally right and, very importantly, right for the time in which we live. You’re there at the beginning of a new wave of thinking”

Alan Baxter, Alan Baxter Associates

“Definitely a way forward

Andrew Judge, Councillor, Merton, London

One of “the 50 radical-thinking individuals and organisations changing the UK for the better”

Nesta UK

The campaign for traditional streets is growing

The Evening Standard

“A wonderful project and piece of analysis”

Alain de Botton

“I support Create Streets

Nick Boles, former Minister of Planning

So glad I found Create Streets! Mini revolution in the making here in Wimbledon

A client

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A Nesta & Observer 2016 New Radical, one of “50 radical-thinking individuals and organisations changing the UK for the better.”  

Winner of INTBAU 2016 Community Engagement Prize.