Master-plan, Cumbria

  • Critical friend review and design of an alternative illustrative masterplan for an urban extension.


  • We were invited to review existing proposals for 150 homes and set out a new vision for the 6 ha site. Putting our evidence-based approach into practice we sought to create a greener, more walkable scheme that was sustainably connected to the wider community. Existing hedgerows and trees were retained in a network of village greens and green corridors, creating welcoming spaces for residents to walk, play and socialise while providing an attractive setting for hew homes and enhancing biodiversity. Our proposal sought to reflect the strong local character by integrating vernacular terraces on well-enclosed, pedestrian friendly streets. As well as homes, our proposal included a ‘flexible’ property that could be used as a community space or a village shop, creating a place with a true heart.



A volume housebuilder