Safe Streets Survey

We were recently approached by ADAM Architecture to launch a nationwide survey on street safety. The design of our streets & squares really influences where we choose to walk, cycle or spend time making them busy or empty.

The #SafeStreets survey aims to identify streets and places where people do & don’t feel safe across the UK. Where do you feel the safest? Where do you feel the most vulnerable? And why?

Using our Create Communities interactive map you can help us pinpoint these areas & contribute to creating safer streets for everyone. Your input matters.

“As Urban Designers, we think about the places & spaces people inhabit every day. A couple of years ago we started a working group from the Women in ADAM Architecture Group to discuss & research the main principles of safe streets. This was in response to the growing issue of women’s safety in the public realm.” – Lois Lawn ADAM Architecture

Contribute to the Safe Streets Survey here