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Town centre strategy, Girvan, Scotland

Putting the heart back into Girvan – a strategy and action plan for a precious place.

 The Strategy establishes a collective vision to better cherish the quality, prosperity and liveability of Girvan. It is a call to action for the Council, local businesses, residents and neighbourhood groups to make the most of Girvan’s assets while facing its challenges head on to revitalise the town into a thriving place to live, work and enjoy life in, as well as attracting investment and providing new employment opportunities.

This strategy was developed in an iterative and collaborative manner with the council, local stakeholders and our sub consultants Urban Foresight. Engagement was both ‘wide’ and ‘deep’ and included design workshops, drop in events, online consultation (through our Create Communities platform) and site walkarounds. There was no shortage of ideas for what needs to be done to make Girvan a better place. The purpose of this strategy was to give those ambitions a clear direction, build confidence and empower existing partnerships to deliver change.

The Strategy identifies a range of deliverable interventions along with potential funding streams. These vary from short term tactical moves which generate momentum and build community confidence, through to long term spatial and economic strategies. Examples include public realm improvement schemes, sustainable transport initiatives, asset transfers, business development and skills support. These steps aren’t in themselves that complex – but they help establish realistic expectations, empower local people and institutions and encourage a virtuous circle of jobs, investment and place value.

Client: South Ayrshire Council

Project team: Create Streets and Urban Foresight

Timescale: April 2022 – March 2023