Launch of Greening Up report

Why should we plant more street trees and how can we do it? Join us for our ‘Greening Up’ report launch on 26th September.


The publication of ‘Greening Up’ will be a landmark in the case for re-greening our streets and squares to the benefit of our collective health, happiness and prosperity.

Our launch will summarise (very briefly!) the evidence on why it’s the right thing to do, highlight brilliant community work being done to re-green our streets and suggest local and national policy changes that would make it much easier to ‘green up’ our streets and squares.

A video of the event will soon be available here.


• Rob Perrins, Chief Executive Officer, Berkeley Group
• Claire Holland, Leader Lambeth Council

• Jon Burke, Decarbonisation Lead, Gloucester City Council, former Cabinet Member, Hackney
• Carolyn Doyley, East Marsh United, Grimsby
• Russell Horsey, Chartered Urban Forester, former tree officer (Bristol, Kensington & Chelsea)
• Karen Liebreich, Chair, Abundance London

• Nicholas Boys Smith, Founding Director, Create Streets
• Eleanor Broad, Associate Director, Create Streets
• Tom Noble, Senior Urban Designer, Create Streets

You can learn more about the report here.