How to improve your neighbourhood

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We are often contacted by individuals or community groups asking how to improve their neighbourhoods. We have previously published some advice on this, Love thy neighbourhood, in 2016. It’s mainly aimed at those living in England, though many of the principles will apply more widely. However, it is a little out of date now thanks to […]

Why do traditional places make the best Christmases?

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When you think about it, nearly all of our happy Christmas clichés depend on traditional towns, walkable streets, beautiful houses and vernacular homes with (let’s be honest) slightly antiquated approaches to keeping warm. Here are six components of the traditional Christmas. I’m not saying you can’t enjoy these in the deep countryside, the wide suburb […]

Remembering Elizabeth the Good

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How should London physically commemorate Queen Elizabeth II? It’s a subject that will be widely and deeply discussed in the months, years and even decades to come. Here are some early thoughts that might guide our collective thinking. Firstly, commemoration should be significant and meaningful. The longevity of her reign and the significance of her […]

Moving Brum

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Why Birmingham’s 2022 Commonwealth Games was all about getting about An American Perspective, by Jon Bibbins A native Virginian here, reporting from Birmingham, England not Birmingham, Alabama. The 2022 Commonwealth Games were a smashing success! I was blown away by the world-class quality of the event.  ‘Brum’ transformed itself with a spectrum of colour splashed […]

Colouring London

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The Create Streets team were delighted to recently attend the launch of the new Colouring London platform and support the fantastic work of Polly Hudson in partnership with University College London. Colouring London is a free website designed by University College London that collects, collates, visualises and allows people to download statistical data about every […]