Why do traditional places make the best Christmases?

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When you think about it, nearly all of our happy Christmas clichés depend on traditional towns, walkable streets, beautiful houses and vernacular homes with (let’s be honest) slightly antiquated approaches to keeping warm. Here are six components of the traditional Christmas. I’m not saying you can’t enjoy these in the deep countryside, the wide suburb […]

Street Fight: why we should fight the good fight for happy, healthy and beautiful places

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A few people (well actually quite a lot) have asked me what I think of recent announcements and media reports on “the war on motorists.” Here’s my reply. I suspect it may annoy everyone.  But I nevertheless think that it’s correct and the best route to more homes, a more productive economy and happier and […]

New wine in old bottles

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A note on our winning street by Create Streets Director, Nicholas Boys Smith Streets have this habit of hanging about, the most ancient and timeless features of our urban infrastructure. However, Peter Pan-like, they are also forever young. For whereas their routes may be their original routes, the actual experience of moving down them is […]

How to love the NIMBY and build more homes

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Create Streets Head of Research Ben Southwood explains why street votes goes with the grain of British care for place and neighbourhood. Place is emotional and rightly so. Britons are conservative about their neighbourhoods. They take pride in them. They wish them to remain green and pleasant. Many planning reformers have failed because they misunderstood […]

Photo by Robert Kwolek

Where should I go for lunch?

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Lessons learned from studying customer behaviour patterns in convenience and proximity  It is a well-known fact to the food industry that consumer convenience relates very strongly to the time consumers have available to make a purchase and then get on to do the next thing in their day.  What is striking are the parallels between […]

Leeds re-imagined: thinking about the new normal

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‘Moving on, moving better?’ Rachael Unsworth questioned in last week’s blog post, considering what cities can learn from the current crisis. With our present lives on hold it also brings about the time and opportunity to rethink our future, and the way that we design and live in our cities. City-makers from everywhere are responding […]