(Don’t) Create Cowpats

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Transport for New Homes, an organisation that advocates for creating new homes designed around walking, cycling and public transport, have released a scathing report on the state of new housing developments in England declaring most unfit in our quest towards carbon net zero. It was not hugely surprising that most of the brownfield housing sites […]

Don’t fall for self-interested blandishments: upvc windows are not green

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The press has reported recently that residents in Poundbury want to install upvc windows rather than wooden ones because they are “greener.” But the idea that upvc windows are “greener” than wooden ones is for the birds. Sustainability works at three levels. Firstly, manufacturing. Wooden windows can readily be created from sustainable forests. Upvc ones are 43% oil and […]

Create Streets at COP

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Create Streets deputy director David Milner explains how policies that enable a gentle intensification of our towns and cities is the best way to reduce the carbon emissions of transport. Transport is the UK’s worst emissions offender (27% of CO2 emissions) and an enormous consumer of energy produced in this country. It was a surprise […]

Leeds re-imagined: thinking about the new normal

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‘Moving on, moving better?’ Rachael Unsworth questioned in last week’s blog post, considering what cities can learn from the current crisis. With our present lives on hold it also brings about the time and opportunity to rethink our future, and the way that we design and live in our cities. City-makers from everywhere are responding […]